Immediate Load Implant w/ Temporary Tooth


What is a Immediate Load Implant with Temporary Tooth?                                            

Tooth Extraction                    

Immediate placement of implant with temporary abutment

Temporary "Smile Tooth" fabricated


Dr. David Gelb is the leader in Immediate Load Implants with Temporary Teeth.  He is recognized as being the only surgeon to perfect this procedure in New England.

Immediate Implant Surgery with Immediate Load-A Patient Preferred Approach to Implant Dentistry.  Immediate implant surgery with immediate load has provided patients with an expeditious minimally invassive treatment for those teeth which are no longer serviceable.  The Implant seals the extration socket and retains site dimensions.  The temporary crown delivered chair-side acts as an ideal scaffold for soft tissue maintenance and development.  The patient leaves the office with a "Smile Tooth" in place without sutures and for all practical purposes is whole. 

There is no question that given the current state of the art in dentistry, that dental implants are pretty much the best way to replace teeth they are stand alone tooth replacement systems that look and function just like natural teeth.  They do not attach to adjacent teeth like a fixed bridge and don't have to be taken in and out like removable partial dentures.